Star Targets


Star Targets offers the following reactive targets:

High-Power Rifle Targets





Rimfires Mini Targets 10 pack forĀ .22 Long Rifle / Pistols















1. Remove the containers, self-adhesive squares, and pink anti-static mixing bag.
2. Remove both bags of powder and slowly pour the contents of both bags into the pink anti-static mixing bag. (Note: If there are clumps in the white powder, crush them up before mixing).
3. Seal the bag and mix the two chemicals until uniformed color is formed.
4. Once mixed, pour or scoop the mixed powder into the containers. Snap the lid shut and apply the self-adhesive square to the backside of the target.
5. Place target no closer than 25 yards from shooters position on a clean surface.


For product set-up, watch the Cabela's Star Targets Set-Up Video