Star Targets


Star Targets is proud to offer the best reactive targets in the shooting industry . Star Targets are to be used only as a shot indicator in conjunction with sporting firearms PERIOD. Using Star Targets for any other purpose is breaking the law. Always read instructions & follow all safety guidelines. Check your local County, State & Federal Regulation before purchasing & using in your area. Thanks for choosing Star Targets

Star Targets are legal in all 50 States, with restrictions that include but not limited to the following:

• Once mixed it is considered an explosive material so you can not transport it or store it without proper licensing (it must be mixed and shot on site).

• Once mixed it is considered an explosive material so do not re-sell mixed product unless you are licensed to do so.

• Before use check your local, state, and federal regulations for areas approved for the use of this product.

Star Targets are very safe when used as intended and the directions are followed. Once mixed it must be impacted with a high velocity round to set it off, it will not go off if it dropped, shaken, kicked, even lit on fire. You can hit it with a hammer, shoot it with a pistol, or throw it off your roof. It takes about a 40 grain bullet traveling at 2200 FPS directly impacting it to cause it to go off, anything below these requirements will not set it off.

Each target contains two components, a base and a catalyst which is pre-measured for each target and sealed in a bag within the target. To prep the target for use (first read and ensure you understand all directions and safety instructions), simply open the target, remove the catalyst and dump the contents back into the target container. Seal the container back up, mix vigorously for 45 to 60 seconds (the entire contents should be a light grey color with no white left). Place the target at a safe distance and location then you are ready to shoot. Not for human consumption.


A: Manufacturing is a commerce issue governed by the feds. Page 58 CFR 5400.7 General Q&A Section, new edition: #36. When is a Federal manufacturing license required? "A manufacturer's license is needed ONLY by persons engaged in the business of manufacturing explosives materials for SALE, DISTRIBUTION, or for BUSINESS use. For example, persons engaged in the business of providing a blasting service using explosives of their own manufacture would be required to have a license. Persons who manufacture explosives for their personal, NON-commercial use would not need a license."

Furthermore, when you are mixing Star Targets you are manufacturing a black powder, although a much safer and stable black powder. Star Targets has a faster burn rate. Black powder is a regulated explosive, but is exempt IF USED FOR SPORTING PURPOSES IN CONJUNCTION WITH SPORTING ARMS. It is important to note that although Federal law allows a person to possess up to 50 lbs of powder, most states have lesser limits on possession amounts. Therefore it's important not to mix more powder at one time than is allowed by your state or local laws.

The above is the law of the land on the use of Star Targets.

We feel that it is important to note that in some situations, a person may be in violation and not know it. Such a situation is when a range mixes Star Targets and then charges a fee to shoot it. In this situation, IF the shooter is paying the range owner any kind of reimbursement, re-numeration, etc, it is "possible" that the range would be required to be licensed.

All information is subject to change, and we will keep the public informed of any new changes in law. Some states claim that the L & I (Labor and Industry Department) or other agencies have authority to regulate Star Targets- This is simply not the case IF the shooter is using the targets for personal use.

To download a PDF copy of the ATF Federal Explosives Law and Regulations, please click here.

- Please note the yellow highlighted sections in the PDF file.

Click Here to View a Letter from the ATF Regarding Legality Questions for Star Targets